Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

  • About the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

    For over 60 years, the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has worked to fulfill its mission of fostering economic, culture, and tourism ties between Arabs and Brazilians. Over the years, it has come to play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the Arab nations and Brazil.

    Our goal is to cement and broaden partnerships, create opportunities, and most of all bring Brazilians and Arabs closer together, working to facilitate the flow of information and knowledge between them.

    As a member of the General Union of Arab Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, the Chamber is known for its credibility and solid work as the sole legitimate representative in Brazil of the commercial interests of the League of Arab States – an organization comprising the 22 independent countries whose official language is Arabic.

    The Chamber’s highly skilled staff offers a bevy of crucial deal-making tools, including business owners’ contact information, market studies and surveys, trade shows, business matchmaking events, lectures, trade missions, etc.

    Our team relies on state-of-the-art facilities to assist your business and provide market information on business opportunities, economic indicators, and industry-specific data, as well as to map out the main needs of the Arab and Brazilian markets.

    The Arab Chamber is the fastest, safest way to discover new markets and do business with Arab countries.



    Mr. Osmar Chohfi


    Vision & Mission


    To foster all kinds of exchange and cooperation between Brazil and the Arab Countries that may be conducive to trade, economic, technological, scientific, and cultural cooperation, investment, and tourism.


    To be the Chamber of Commerce that provides the best, most comprehensive guidance to businesses in Brazil and in the Arab League countries, so they can build closer ties in trade and culture.




    To promote commercial and cultural integration between Brazil and the Arab countries by:

    a)      Holding events and producing promotional material to enhance relations and increase mutual awareness;

    b)      Exploring potentialities in trade to maximize the amount of actions involving importers and exporters;

    c)      Producing information to assist exporters and importers;

    d)      Supporting communications by offering quality translations;

    e)      Excelling in certification of origin services through swift issuance of certificates, in compliance with the legal requirements, all the while observing a high standard in services provision to exporters, including guidance on the certification process.


    Activities & Services

    -      Certification of Documents

    A successful sale requires a safe process, with guarantees for importer and exporter alike.

    The Arab Chamber is the only bilateral, multi-nation chamber of commerce in Brazil to be recognized and authorized by the League of Arab States and the General Union of Arab Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture to issue certificates of origin, and to certify export documents to Arab countries, thus ensuring importers of the source of the goods being bought, and guaranteeing to exporters that the paperwork requirements of the Arab buying parties are being fully met. It also certifies other commercial documentation being issued to Arab countries.

    We rely on a specialized document analysis team to ensure that all rules of origin and requirements of Arab importers are complied with. The Arab Chamber staff will spare no efforts to clear up all your queries regarding documents certification, and to steer you through all of the required steps.

    Our system involves a customized label compliant with international certification standards that will make for a quicker process, as well as legitimize, validate and attest to the veracity of your documents.

    You can keep track of your Certificate of Origin issuance process every step of the way at The entire procedure will take no longer than 24 hours (except on weekends and holidays).

    In order to make life easier for exporters, we also bridge the gap with Arab embassies whose job it is to legalize your export papers following their certification by the Arab Chamber. Legalization processing times will vary from one embassy to another.

    Upon receipt of the goods, Arab importing parties can also ascertain the authenticity of their papers at by entering their process number and the code printed on their certification label.

    -      Market Intelligence

    Aiming at meeting the needs of the Brazilian and Arabs companies, the Arab Brazilian Chamber has a team of professionals who identify, guide and inform about new business opportunities to associates and partners, providing market and commercial information.

    In order to facilitate cultural exchanges, several specialists bring up-to-date information from all Arab countries, in the Gulf, North Africa and the Levantine areas. The focus of the information provided increases the efficiency levels of the results.

    These professionals also stimulate a closer relationship between the Brazilian and the Arab governments, as well as with Chambers of Commerce in Arabic countries.

    -      Events

    In order to bring businessmen closer and encourage business deals the Arab-Brazilian Chamber also puts together and supports several events, such as:

    • Lectures and seminars
    • Workshops
    • Commercial mission
    • Buyer and seller projects and business roundtables
    • National and International exhibitions


    -      Communication

    ANBA – Brazil-Arab News Agency

    In 2003, the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce created ANBA (Brazil-Arab News Agency) in order to promote the communication between Brazil and the Arab countries. ANBA is published in two languages, English and Portuguese, featuring exclusive and useful articles for entrepreneurs, executives, institutions and governments planning to promote business among the regions.

    The agency won more than 10 journalism prizes, sustains information exchange agreements with several Arab news outlets and gets very high traffic.

    Visit and keep abreast of news.


    Arab-Brazilian Chamber TV and website

    The Arab-Brazilian Chamber TV is an online TV program focused on the relationship between Brazil and the Arabic countries. 

    Featuring topics such as economy, culture and tourism, the program also presents interviews with key opinion makers, who provide information on the market and on the business world.

    During its first year. The Arab-Brazilian TV won an award in corporate communication. Now, the show has an average of 15,000 views per month and it is being accessed in over 150 countries.

    The program is available for viewing at the website of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber in Portuguese and in English, with Arabic subtitles.

    Go to the website of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber (



    Language is no longer an obstacle in the relationship between Arabs and Brazilian because we are able to provide them with translation services from Arabic into Portuguese, and Portuguese into Arabic

    Translations demonstrate appreciation and interest for the culture and values of other people and increase the chances of your product being accepted by the local market.

    The Arab-Brazilian Chamber has specialized professionals ready to assist you, offering more than just the translation of texts; they also provide cultural knowledge of the language, which enhances the information supplied and adds value to the service.






    Couro Moda (shoes, bags and leather)


    15 - 18 January

    Inspiramais (leather exhibition)


    16 - 17 January

    International exhibition Khartoum (multisetorial)


    23 - 30 January

    Meeting of the Superior Council of Administration of the Arab Brazilian Chamber


    31 January

    Feira ABIMAD (furniture)


    07 - 10 February

    Vitória Stone Fair (granits and marble)


    14  17 February

    Gulfood (food and beverage)


    26 February - 02 March

    Revestir (exhibition of coverings and finishing materials)


    7 - 10 March

    FIMEC – International Fair for leather)


    14 - 16 March

    Meeting of the General Union of Arab and Non-Arabic Chambers of Commerce



    FEICOM (building material exhibition)


    04 - 08 April

    Intermodal (exhibition for logistics and cargo transport)


    05 - 07 April

    Mediconex (healthcare exhibition)


    08 - 10 April

    Hair Brasil (cosmetics)


    21 - 24 April

    Expobor (Fair for machinery and rubber artifacts)


    23 - 25  April

    APAS ( Supermarket Trade Show)


    02 - 05 May

    Beauty World Middle East (cosmetics)


    14 - 16 May

    Middle East Stone (marble and granites)


    22 - 25 May

    Fispal (Food and Beverage show)


    06 - 09  June

    Francal (shoes and bags)


    02 – 05 July

    Abimad (furniture)


    25 - 28  July

    SIAVS (poultry show)


    29 - 31  August

    Beauty Fair (cosmetics)


    9 - 12  September

    Equipotel  (equipment, products, services for hotel)


    19 - 22  September

    Expo Fruit (fruits)


    21 - 23  September

    In Cosmetics (cosmetics)


    05 - 06  October

    Anuga (foodstuff)


    07 - 11  October

    Big 5 (building material)


    26 - 29  November



    Relationships Network

    The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has cooperation agreements with the following Brazilian entities:

    • Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (ABIEC)
    • Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (FIEP)
    • São Paulo Investment Promotion Agency (Investe São Paulo)


    Agreements with Arab Countries:

    • Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Council of Saudi Chambers
    • The Federation of Arab Businessmen
    • Chambre Algerienne de Commerce et D’Industrie
    • Cultural Association Brazil-Algeria
    • Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • General Organization for Export and Import Control GOIEC
    • Federation of Egyptian Chambers
    • Egyptian Business Development Association
    • Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Jebel Ali Free Zone
    • Jordanian Entrepreneurs Association
    • Jordan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Beirut Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
    • Libyan Business Council
    • Moroccan Investment Development Agency
    • Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Mauritania
    • Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Syria
    • Center for Export Promotion of Tunisia
    • Sfax Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Tunisia)
    • Tunis Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Tunisia


    Another countries:

    • L’Institut Du Monde Arabe (Paris- França)

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