The Arab World Lost 7 Million Job Opportunities Due to "Corona"

  • Arab Countries
  • 1 June 2020

The International Labor Organization has revealed that the Corona epidemic, since its spread, has affected progressively the number of working hours that the world has lost.

The International Labor Organization expected that the world will lose 10.7% of working hours during the second quarter of this year, equivalent to 305 million jobs, at a rate of 48 hours per week. In the region, including most of the Arab countries, losses are estimated at 7 million jobs in the second quarter, equivalent to 10.3% of the working hours.

According to the organization, the economic recovery, policies, mechanisms, and procedures will help to offset these losses in accordance with the decisions taken by the countries. Noting that the youth category is the most affected, as the unemployed youth crisis is due to before the spread of the Coronavirus, as the number of unemployed in this category reached 267 million young people from the age of 18 to 28 years, with a high percentage of those working in the unofficial economy, thus they were the most affected by the crisis.

According to the organization, the number of young people in the Arab region who work in the most affected sectors by the crisis is close to 4 million, and they are at risk of losing their jobs. Calling for the need for governments to accelerate the adoption of programs to help young people to return to the labor market.

Source ( website, Edited)

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