Prospects for the global and Arab economy 2017 - 2018

  • 1 January 2017

This study attempts to explore the new horizons of the global and Arab economy in light of the cautious expectations of trends due to developments on the global scene, structural changes in the world oil markets, the decline in investment in new projects and the slowdown of world trade, in conjunction with ongoing wars in the Arab region and its disastrous and economic repercussions on the entire Arab world.

The research presents an analytical reading of the changes that have occurred in the economic globalization, the global investment climate, and their impact on global and Arab growth trends. It also deals with the situation of the Arab economy, which shows immunity to the accumulation and escalation of difficulties, which prompted most Arab countries to take radical and structural reform measures to face the changes.

Therefore, the Arab world will have to move ahead with economic diversification and focus on achieving qualitative progress by strengthening the role of the private sector, promoting Arab trade and investment integration projects, and adopting targeted reforms that will enhance the investment environment, especially in vital areas of Arab economic and social development.

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