Arab Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development

  • About the Chamber

    The Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development is a non-profit organization established by Greek Law No. 990, on December 1st, 1979, followed by Presidential Decree No. 421 of April 1981, and operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Maritime Affairs and Tourism, in coordination with the General Union of Arab Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Arab countries, in cooperation with the Council of Arab Ambassadors accredited to Greece and with all the Arab Federations and Chambers of Commerce. Its Head Office is located in Athens, Greece. The scope of its business activities covers Greece and the whole of the Arab world.


    President: Harris Geronikolas


    Vision & Mission


    The objective of the Chamber is to develop and promote economic and trade relations between Greeks and Arabs in all business sectors, mainly Construction, Industry, Agriculture, Energy, Technology, Tourism and Education.


    Primary Goals

    The Arab-Hellenic Chamber works towards developing new Joint Ventures and partnerships between the two sides and encouraging the flow of investments between Greece and the Arab World.

    It also works alongside Federations and Chambers of Commerce towards elevating the trade balance between Greeks and Arabs.

    Based on its contacts, information database and networking expertise, the Chamber works towards assisting in bringing the Greek and Arab business communities together, through exchange of information, experience and know-how.


    Activities & Services


    Organizing well-planned B2B meetings between Greek and Arab businessmen, activities which are complimented with the publication of informative brochures for each delegation involved.

    Holding and co-organizing business events, Forums, Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions and Workshops in Greece and in the Arab world.

    Publishing trade bulletins, reports, statistical data and related economic and trade activities between Greece and the Arab world.

    Providing update information to Greek and Arab businesses on the existing business opportunities from both sides through the publication of regular bulletins.

    Hosting and participating in related cultural activities and cross-cultural workshops.


    • Publishing of economic studies, reports and statistical information concerning the Arab Greek relations.
    • Monthly business bulletins in English, Arabic & Greek, with business proposals from the Arab or Greek companies looking for contacts or partners in Greece or in the Arab countries.
    • Providing the members with any business and economic information and consultation for the Arab Countries and Greece.
    • Legalization of all the documentation related to the Greek exports to the Arab markets as well as rendering services to members by undertaking, on their behalf, the whole legalization procedure saving them time and cost.
    • Translation Department, providing high quality translation in all of the Greek, Arabic & English languages.
    • Matchmaking & Networking between the business communities from both ends B2B.
    • Help Desk to promote exports & investments for both the Arab & Greek business communities
    • Exchanges of Business Delegations between the Arab Countries and Greece
    • Organization of various business events such as Forums, Fairs and workshops in Greece and in the Arab Countries.
    • Website in three languages Greek, Arabic & English containing plenty of information and reports.


    Chamber’s Publications during 2016

    1. Brochures accompanying Business Delegations as specified in the activities above

    2. Set of publications on the occasion of the “2nd Annual Iraqi-European Business & Investment Forum”

    3. Set of publications on the occasion of the 6th Arab-Hellenic Economic Forum

    4. Engineering, Construction & Building Materials Directory for the 6th Forum

    5. Other publications related to other events as mentioned above.



    2017 Scheduled Events

    1. Exclusive Workshop & Round table discussion on the Shipping sector including “Yachting & Motor Boats”; March 02, 2017
    2. Participation with “Catalogue Show” in “The Big 5 Saudi Exhibition” for International Building & Construction; March 27-30, 2017.
    3. Greek Business Delegation to either Alsharqia Chamber, Saudi Arabia or Oman Chamber during the Exhibition’s period.
    4. Proposed 2nd Annual Iraqi-European Business & Investment Forum; April 26-27, 2017.
    5. Hosting Business Delegations from the Chambers of Commerce of Libya, Oman & Sudan; July 06, 2017.
    6. 6th Arab-Hellenic Economic Forum; November 29-30, 2017.
    7. Official Launching of the new Engineering, Construction & Building Materials Directory; November 29-30, 2017.


    Relationships Network

    • Protocol of cooperation between Cairo Chamber of Commerce and Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Development; 6 March, 2016.
    • Memorandum of Understanding between Ara-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development and R.A.K. Chamber of commerce.

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