Social Development Bank

  • Country :Saudi Arabia
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  • The Social Development Bank, the main source of financing in the field of small and emerging projects aimed at empowering young girls and to contribute to an active and influential role in the economic revival of the country.
    Designed Saudi Credit and Savings trails program to be a supporter of youth and girls who have the desire and ambition to practice self-employment and blaze a trail of success toward autonomy by owning their own business arm, and is characterized by paths program Bhmolath for all business activities, without specifying a particular activity which gives the area welcome the owners of ideas to choose what fits with their interests and abilities, and the program was adopted in the division of five tracks on the quality of the project in terms of size of investment, or those projects that collects certain properties or those entrepreneurs who share similar attributes, and the trails program on a number of goals that will strengthen the national economy and provide social welfare for the homeland and the citizen and are as follows:

    • Encourage qualified citizens to work for themselves on their premises.
    • Contributing to the provision of job opportunities for citizens.
    • Contribute to strengthening the role of small enterprises and emerging in the national economy.
    • Encourage economic activity in the less developed regions.
    • The relative advantage of the features available in the area where the project originates.