The Centennial Fund

  • Country :Saudi Arabia
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  • The centennial fund is an independent, non-profit foundation concerned with funding youth projects . Established in 1425 A.H, by the Royal decree No.190/A , And was named the Centennial Fund because of its launch at a time when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was celebrating 100 years since its foundation by King Abdul-Aziz – May Allah bless him -

    The Centennial Fund is considered an institutional work pursuant of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom ambitions and aspiration to support the youth to start their small and medium-sized projects ,and to be the supporting front for entrepreneurs and pioneers amidst the new economic trends that encourages business initiatives of small investors .p>

    The idea for creating the Centennial Fund first emerged at a time when there was scarceness of programs supporting youth project to decrease the unemployment and develop the local economy . And since then , a specialized committee started studying the idea through looking into projects supporting the youth in other countries . The Youth Business International ( YBI), a program based in the united kingdom that has proved successful after its application in almost 40 countries , was chosen by the committee .