Joint Italian-Arab Chamber

  • About the Chamber

    Italy and the Arab countries are linked by strong historical, cultural, political ties and proximity, which eventually led to the development of stable and diversified economic relations between them.

    It is no coincidence that the trade between Italy and Arab countries has doubled in the last fifteen years and that the very countries of the MENA region represent the main outlet market for Italian products, after Europe. It is a growing market, with a relatively young population, which presents great opportunities for Italian companies.

    And it is in this context that our association, which has the task of helping companies overcome the difficulties arising while dealing with complex markets, creates the conditions to allow an economic exchange and fruitful and lasting business, including promoting a better understanding of culture of the countries they interface.

    The Joint Arab Italian Chamber of Commerce (JIACC) was founded in September 2015 thanks to the commitment of many prominent representatives from industry, banking system and Italian institutions, with the support from the Arab part of the most important business groups and major institutions, namely the Arab League, the Union of Chambers of commerce and the Arab Embassies in Rome.

    It is an inclusive non-profit association, which intends to become a meeting point between Italian and Arab countries, by having on the one hand a function of assistance and support to the internationalization process in those markets, and on the other, contributing to the promotion of the national economy.


    Board of Directors

    The Joint Arab Italian Chamber operates through the Board of Directors, which by statute is composed of an equal number of Italian and Arab members, who carry out their role as advisors without charge.

    Chairman of the Board of Directors Cesare Trevisani, Vice Presidents are biased Arab Arabia Yousef El Maimani and the UAE Ahmed Al Midfa; Vice Presidents for the Italian side are Pietro Paolo Rampino (with responsibility for the treasury) and Alessandro Vescovini.

    Ambassador Azouz Ennifar's Secretary General.


    President: Cesare Trevisani


    Membership Benefits

    Joining the Joint Arab Italian Chamber of Commerce means to be part of a community in which institutions, companies and people share experiences and know-how to promote and strengthen commercial, economic and cultural relations between Italy and the Arab world.

    Becoming JIACC's member allows you to:

    • Obtain dedicated assistance and support to develop your business
    • Increase your network of relations
    • Receive updates, news and information on the countries of interest
    • Increase visibility
    • Participate in exclusive events reserved to members
    • Take advantage of benefits and discounts with partner organizations


    Vision & Mission

    The Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce promotes the development of economic and commercial relations with the Arab countries, providing support to companies that intend to start or started already the process of internationalization towards these markets.

    JIACC is a complementary entity to other institutions that aim to grasp the entire potential of complex markets. In addition, through the implementation of business and training services coupled with the organization of follow-up activities, the Chamber provides companies with the necessary tools for a successful venture in the Arab world, a more effective export management and full assistance for daily activities.

    The Chamber's objectives can be summarized as follows:

    • To strengthen and develop economic and cultural relations between Arab countries and Italy;
    • To promote the exchange in various fields, including industrial, tourist, scientific, technological, agricultural and financial;
    • To encourage Italian investments in the Arab countries and Arab in Italy, and facilitate the realization of joint projects between the two sides;
    • To foster the transfer of advanced technology, and provide advanced professional training;
    • To intensify trade relations between the private sector in the Arab countries and the private sector in Italy.


    Activities & Services

    Companies Assistance

    To developing a business in complex and diverse markets can be a real challenge for many businesses and companies, especially when small or medium sized.

    To help companies approach these markets in the best way, the Joint Arab Italian Chamber of Commerce devotes special attention to daily support, strategic and intercultural consulting, and follow-up actions to guide companies with professionalism in the management of the various phases in which they articulate the processes of internationalization.


    JIACC officially recognized by the Arab League and the Union of Arab Chamber, as well as by Italian Authorities, is also entrusted with the task of providing the service of authentication / legalization of commercial documents necessary for export (Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Cadastral Chamber and certificates, contracts, authorization letters, etc.) as required by some Arab countries before their presentation to the consular offices or embassies reference.

    The service is offered in the offices of Rome and Milan to the companies duly registered in the Register of Regular Exporters to the Arab countries.

    The cost of the authentication service amounts to Euro 40.00 for each document submitted, and to enroll in the registry is required to fill out a form and paying a fee of 80.00 Euros for one year.



    The Joint Arab Italian Chamber of Commerce is an ideal tool to get in touch with potential partners and customers.

    Thanks to a network of high-quality international institutions including, financial institutions, entrepreneurs and professionals JIACC is able to:


    • Facilitate contacts between Italian companies and their Arab counterparts and promote potential partnerships
    • Multiply networking opportunities, as well as to approach companies to institutions, organizations, economic bodies of the countries of interest
    • Organize events, seminars, conferences and thematic meetings
    • Promote / Assist in the participation in events and trade fairs
    • Support relevant institutions in organizing trade missions to and from Arab countries and coordinate the necessary follow-up actions



    Knowing the market which we intend to address is the first step to a successful internationalization strategy capable of fully exploiting the opportunities it presents.

    The Joint Arab Italian Chamber of Commerce helps its members develop a better understanding of the markets they are interested in, as well as the business culture that characterizes them providing detailed information, reports and scenarios on:

    • Import / Export
    • Regulations
    • Investment Opportunities
    • Tenders
    • Economic and Trade Trends
    • Projects romoted by individual countries



    Objective Morocco: free zones, outlets and logistics hub

    Rome, 14/07/17

    Free zones, industrial parks, business opportunities in Morocco will be the focus of a conference to be held in Rome Friday, July 14, 2017 at 9:30 am at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese.


    Closing the office of Rome Notice

    Notice is hereby given that on June 29, 2017, on the occasion of the Patron Saint of the city, the Rome office will be closed


    Damascus: 59th International Fair

    Damascus (Syria), 16-27 August 2017

    After the long break in recent years, he takes up the appointment with the famous Damascus International Fair, now in its 59th edition.


    Business Opportunities in Lebanon and the Gulf

    Milan, 06/07/2017

    A meeting to explain the business opportunities in Lebanon and in countries where the Lebanese network is present tense and active.

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