• Union's Activities

    The activities of the Union are many and varied and it mainly push forward the efforts of Arab economic integration and activate the role of the private sector in this field. The Union organizes conferences, forums and symposia, either individually or in cooperation with specialized bodies, in addition to the issuance of publications, economic publications, the magazine and the preparation of specialized economic researches and studies.

    It is worth mentioning that the Union was the first caller for the establishment of the Council of Arab Economic Unity in 1964. The Union has contributed a fundamental and effective contribution to its work when it proposed a project of establishing the Arab Joint Market which was approved by the Council of Arab Economic Unity. After the failure of this project, which hit the obstacles of retail and native issues, the Union did not hesitate to continue with the League of Arab States until the efforts succeeded in launching the Greater Arab Free Trade Area in early 1998 in preparation for the establishment of an Arab Customs Union and then the Arab Common Market.

    The Union also was a called for, founded or existing when several Arab regional organizations such as the Arab Organization for Administrative Sciences and the Industrial Development Center for Arab States which is now the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining (IDMO), the Arab Labor Organization and other organizations were established.

  • Seminars, Forums & Conferences

    The Federation works to establish interaction between the Arab chambers' apparatuses through successive seminars for its directors and managers, and cooperates with the Arab foreign chambers of commerce in organizing joint Arab-foreign economic forums.

    The Union works to confirm the idea of joint Arab investment through the “Arab Businessmen and Investors Conference” held annually In cooperation with the League of Arab States and the Arab Organization for Investment Guarantee and Export Credit.

    It also organizes specialized Arab seminars individually or in cooperation with Arab and international federations and organizations about the economic axes of the Union, as well as specialized vocational training programs, Arab regional forums, and forums for Arab, Arab and foreign businessmen.

  • Research

    The Union represents a major intellectual resource for the Arab business community and a major source of the Arab economic library through research contributions in the form of research, studies and literature, which includes solutions for the issues of the Arab economic affairs, and aspects related to Arab economic integration and proposals for the development of formulas, methods, agreements and strategies related to the private sector and Arab economic cooperation.

    One of the important publications of the Union is the “Arab Economic Report”, published annually since 1961 in Arabic and English languages, and it has become a reference for the Arab economy for researchers and analysts in all countries of the world. There is also the Arab Economic Bulletin, which includes economic and scientific articles, and the Annual Report on the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, submitted to the "Implementation and Follow-up Committee" of the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States to reflect the Arab private sector's views on the obstacles which it faces in the field of intra-Arab trade.

    The Union publishes also economic guides related to trade, investment, Arab businessmen and investors.

  • The Library & Information Bank

    The library of the Union contains the most important holdings of books, documents, publications, economic, commercial, investment and financial references, Arab and foreign, from various sources dealing with the Arab and world economy. We are working now on building an e-Library where a link to it should be found on the Union’s website.

    The Information Bank provides businessmen and researchers with:

    • Important data and information on the Arab economy and the Arab private sector.
    • The opportunities and investment projects and trade available in the Arab countries.
    • The commercial, investment and financial legislation,

    The latest developments, Arab & global economic developments in all sectors.

  • The Union’s Magazine

    In order to contribute in enriching the Arab Economic Library and to show the role of the private sector in the Arab economic life, the Union publishes monthly “Al-Omran Al-Arabi” Magazine as the official spokesperson for the Arab private sector and it deals with the issues of Arab economic integration and cooperation and the activities of the Union.

    The magazine includes studies and in-depth research on economic, financial and social issues that represent the current issues, files and investigations on the fields of investment and trade in various Arab productive sectors beside the latest news of the Arab Chambers of commerce and the ones of the joint Arab-Foreign chambers and the Arab economic companies.

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