Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Chamber Overview

    The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry is considered the main representative of the Bahraini private sector and the expressive voice of the financial and business community in its various activities and sectors, with a heritage extending for more than 75 years. Since its establishment in 1939 AD, the role of the Chamber has developed quantitatively and qualitatively as the oldest chamber of commerce in the region, as it has kept pace with all stages of economic and social growth and development that Bahrain has gone through and that the world has witnessed over the years, and this role has grown and diversified with the growth of business sectors and their increasing importance in the structure of the national economy. The Chamber performs its pioneering and national role through its Board of Directors elected by the commercial environment, and its extended arms represented by its specialized sectoral committees (24 committees), which represent the various economic sectors contributing under the broad umbrella of the Bahraini private sector, in addition to joint committees with various entities (15 joint committees). And many joint business councils with the private sector in other countries, in addition to its executive and administrative body, which includes various departments and specialized centers. All of this and more constitute an integrated and interconnected entity in order to provide various services and carry out its relevant role. Therefore, in this context, the Chamber defends the concerns and interests of the private sector and works to express its positions on all issues that could affect the activity and vitality of this sector and works to present and propose solutions to its problems and challenges facing it in cooperation, coordination, partnership and direct dialogue with various parties as well as official bodies. concerned, in a way that contributes to helping the private sector overcome its crises or reduce their negative effects, raise its capabilities and capabilities, and increase the percentage of its contributions to improving, developing and developing the economic and social situation of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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