Djibouti Chamber of Commerce

  • About Djibouti Chamber of Commerce

    The Djibouti Chamber of Commerce was set up in 1907 on the initiative of a group of local merchants. The Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti has since evolved in its Statutes to become in 2002, thanks to the latest reforms, the institution representative of the private sector, National scale. Thus, all sectors of economic activity are represented within the deliberative body, the General Assembly which counts forty four (44) elected members.

    The Chamber of Commerce is headed by a President, who is the executive body, who represents the institution legally and officially in all administrative acts. He is assisted in this task by a Bureau composed of eight (8) members elected by the General Assembly.

    All elected Members serve on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration or compensation.




    Vision & Mission

    In addition to expressing and defending the views of economic operators, the Chamber of Commerce is responsible for issuing opinions and proposals to increase economic prosperity, promote the development of the Republic of Djibouti, combat poverty and contribute to human progress.

    It is also a trade facilitation body and contributes to a better understanding of the national market by conducting surveys and data collection on the one hand and raising awareness of the various opportunities on the other Available to economic operators.

    In order to meet its prerogatives, the Chamber of Commerce has set up three operational departments to ensure the reception of businesses and each providing specific services to meet the needs expressed by economic operators.

    These services take various forms, such as information, advice, technical assistance, training ... and are offered by the CCD Departments.


    Activities and Services

    The Services and Institutions managed by the CCD benefit from the experience of volunteer businessmen, driven by a concern for the general interest, experienced in the management of companies and in the control of the development of activities Business.

    The administration and the Services of the Chamber are placed under the authority of a Secretary General, whose mission is, on the one hand, to direct the services and monitor the proper execution of the budget and on the other hand to advise the elected bodies from the room.