Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce

  • Federation overview

    The first legislative regulation of the chambers of commerce in Egypt was issued by Law No. 14 of 1933, then Law No. 30 of 1940, Cabinet Resolution of March 16, 1950, and Law No. 6 of 2002 regarding the amendment of some articles of Law 189 of 1951

    The federation is formed of the chambers of commerce with the aim of caring for the common interests between the chambers of commerce and coordinating their efforts and advancing them.


    The Federation's mission

    The Federation, as an institution operating within the public interest of the state, plays a supportive and complementary role to its institutions in achieving economic and social development in his capacity as the official representative of all Egyptian business organizations, according to the following priorities:

    Contribute to the modernization and development of internal trade and the development of its systems, providing the necessary information to everyone who wants to deal with it.

    Awareness and rehabilitation of the commercial sector to deal with the developments and challenges in the local and global markets.

    Highlighting the importance of the commercial community and its contribution to economic and social development

    Contribute to raising the competitiveness of commercial enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, and qualifying the human cadres necessary to manage them.

    The constant and relentless endeavor to give the chambers and their general union confidence and decent respect from all governmental and private bodies and institutions and emphasize the importance of their role and deepen their participation in the manufacture of all laws and commercial and economic decisions issued by the responsible authorities in the state.

    Focusing on stimulating exports and giving them a special priority because of their importance in the recovery of the national economy.



    Mr. Ahmed El Wakil