Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Overview


    The Amman Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established on May 15, 1973. The Chamber is considered a public benefit institution that aims to organize, develop, defend and represent commercial interests in various fields.

    The Chamber has a legal personality and its main headquarters is in the Governorate of Muscat, and it has a branch in every governorate of the Sultanate.

    The chamber’s general assembly is concerned with the following:

    Discuss the annual report on the Chamber's work.

    Approving the budget and final account for the ended fiscal year and the draft budget for the next fiscal year.

    Revocation of membership for one of the members of the Council with the approval of two-thirds of the members of the General Assembly of the Chamber present.

    The Council was dissolved with the approval of two-thirds of the members of the General Assembly.

    Examining the proposals of the members of the chamber's general assembly submitted to the council at least fifteen days prior to its meeting.



    Sheikh Faisal Al-Rawas


    Vision, mission and objectives



    The Chamber works to develop the Omani private sector and make it an essential partner in sustainable economic development.


    The message

    The Chamber is the official representative of the Omani private sector locally and internationally and its effective tool in participating in taking all decisions that concern the sector.


    Activities and services

    Department of Economic Research and Studies

    Conducting economic studies and research on various aspects of economic activity inside and outside the country.

    Preparing economic and statistical reports for various economic sectors and activities and those related to economic and commercial cooperation relations with various countries and economic blocs.

    Preparing information on investment opportunities available within the local market and the volume of Omani exports and imports of various types of commodities, production requirements and raw materials.

    Providing economic advice to local and foreign investors about the economic situation in the country and the incentives it provides to enhance the capabilities of businessmen and introducing the most prominent and successful areas of investment in the Sultanate.

    Conducting field questionnaires and surveys in order to obtain useful information about the requirements of the private sector and the obstacles facing the various economic sectors in which it operates.


    Department of Relations and Communications

    Receiving visiting personalities and trade delegations from different countries of the world.

    Preparing for Omani delegations participating in economic events outside the Sultanate.

    Preparation for meetings and events.

    Issuance of visas for visiting businessmen. In addition to issuing visas for departing Omani businessmen.

    Preparing, organizing and designing visiting programs for visiting delegations, including meetings with officials and businessmen, and visits to economic sites, as well as providing information needed by those delegations.

    Informing the Omani private sector of the economic events that are held abroad in preparation for participation in them.


    Department of exhibitions and product promotion

    Circulating the exhibitions received by the Chamber to the concerned companies

    Supervising the Chamber's participation in local, regional, Arab and international exhibitions.

    Enhancing private sector participation in internal and external exhibitions.


    Department of Legal Affairs

    Providing legal opinion and advice to private sector companies and institutions in all economic fields.

    Preparing the opinion of the private sector and submitting it to the competent government agencies on various issues, especially the difficulties facing this sector in applying commercial laws.

    Responding to legal inquiries received from Arab and foreign chambers, economic, regional and international organizations and bodies about the various laws and regulations regulating the economy in the Sultanate.

    Studying draft laws and regulations related to the economy that are referred to the Chamber by government agencies, reviewing them and expressing a legal opinion on them.

    Work to settle commercial disputes / disputes that business owners and authorities are exposed to, by bringing the views of the parties to the dispute closer together and trying to settle it amicably.


    Department of Associates Services and Information

    Providing lists of international companies by country and activity, lists of local companies and institutions by activity, grade and branch, and foreign trade data, which are (exports and imports to and from the Sultanate).

    Providing statistical data and indicators that reflect the reality of economic and social activity in the Sultanate through the (Statistical Yearbook).

    Registration of members working in the private sector in commercial and industrial businesses, classifying them into categories according to the authorized capital, and renewing their membership annually.

    Selling certificates of origin.

    Certification of invoices for goods.

    Ratification of certificates of origin.

    Commercial agencies.

    Authorizing agencies.

    true copy.

    Certification of the authenticity of the signature of the Chamber's associate members.

    Ratification of all commercial and industrial letters and certificates necessary for business.

    Room library.


    Department of Committees and Councils

    Preparing for the meetings of the various committees and councils in the room.

    Preparing minutes of meetings of committees and councils.

    Follow-up the implementation of the recommendations of the committees and councils meetings.

    Preparing follow-up reports for all specialized committee meetings.

    Preparing for the extraordinary meetings requested by the committees with the various authorities.

    Coordinating with the concerned authorities to visit members of joint business councils from other countries and meeting with Omani business owners.

    Coordination between specialized committees and government units in order to exchange data and information.

    Contribute to the organization of all activities proposed by the committees and councils and make the necessary arrangements in cooperation with the concerned authorities inside and outside the Sultanate.

    Coordinating between all committees and ensuring that there is no duplication of work between them.


    Media and Publication Department

    Follow up the print, audio and visual media on a daily basis and prepare a daily news file to be presented to His Excellency the President and the Director General of the Chamber. News of the Chamber is also sent by

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