Moroccan House of Representatives Approves 2024 Budget

  • Rabat, Morocco
  • 16 November 2023

Morocco's House of Representatives (the first chamber of parliament) has approved by a majority the Finance Bill for the coming year 2024.

The draft budget law, which begins early next year, saw 180 MPs support and 53 against, while one MP abstained from voting.

On the other hand, the High Commission for Planning (governmental) revealed that the Moroccan economy lost about 300,000 jobs in the third quarter of this year. Unemployment jumped to 13.5 percent in that period, from 11.4 percent, bringing the number of unemployed to 1.62 million nationwide, due to the loss of 29,000 jobs in cities and 269,000 jobs in rural areas.

Source (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed Newspaper, Edited)


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